Friday, July 23, 2010

Perfect Ending?? or To Be Continue???

Finished all the stuff...Pass up LI report, LI experiences, All the study for my degree..until today! Finally, let me write something about my degree life ending~

So..what so special for the ending? nth much can do!

First..celebrated Chow Chow birthday at Kluang Mall + Sing K!!!

Second...Yam cha at 黑
之屋 at batu! just behind the Carrefour!

Third..time to go MY flavor place - McD 24 hours Drice thru~

The Last Place..Back to Waja and Hainan breakfast!!

End!! Bye bye with full of Tears..T.T

Yes! because we have go through together all the moment!
heart with heart, hand with hand, and finally we walk through the three years!!
Here..not the end for us or our friendship!!
but it's ENDLESS!!!
See u all in future ba!

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